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Cocoàge – Dark Chocolate 24K Peel Off Mask



Product Details

There are times when daily cleansing or weekly masks don’t seem to be enough; skin seems dull, or pores look clogged and in need of a deeper level of clean. Our enriched Dark Chocolate 24K Peel Off Mask combines nutrients brightening powers with the richness of chocolate.

We start with the essence of Grapefruit Seed Extract and Calendula Extract to soothe skin. 

Our power ingredient, Cocoa Seed Extract, contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, known for it's powerful brightening and glowing properties. So enjoy a decadent treat that smells as great as it feels and peel your way to a better complexion.


How to Use

Using spatula, mix product in the jar and apply a generous amount onto face. Make sure to apply an even layer. Let dry for 25-35 minutes and start removing by lifting the edges until the entire mask is off. For best results, follow with our Cocoàge Roasted Extract 24K Purifying Toner