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Cryogenic Lumière Crème Jour & Cryogenic Creme De Nuit



Science states that similar to UV radiation or oxidative stress, prolonged sleep deprivation acts as a general aging factor as it weakens the skin’s ability to repair itself at night and as a result, accelerates skin aging. Skincare products with active ingredients that help the skin cope with cellular stresses from a lack of sleep are known to be ideal for improving the appearance of the skin, which led to the development of Cocoage Cosmetics Cryogenic Series.

As a result of the continuous shrinking of glaciers in the past decades, an increasing amount of microbes that were hidden below permanent ice for centuries have now become accessible.

IceAwake™ is based on an extract of the bacteria Iodobacter ssp., which was uncovered in the soil beneath a Swiss glacier. After many years below a glacial ice layer, it has been cultivated for the development of a new active ingredient for skin care: IceAwake™.

Benefits of icewake™

• Energizes tired skin
• Reduces wrinkles after only two weeks
• Increases radiance despite a hectic lifestyle


In a clinical study of applying 2% of IceAwake™ twice daily, Volunteers experienced visibly rejuvenated skin health, improved depth of wrinkles by 11.4%-15.9%, increased radiance by 9.2% and reduced visible tiredness for an icy-fresh, awakened appearance in only 14 days. The Cocoage Cosmetics Cryogenic Series is a line of products ideal for those with busy and hectic lifestyles, designed to fight the appearance of skin aging from stresses and a lack of sleep, and awaken the skin with an ice-fresh appearance. We’ve included a day cream, night cream, and weekly mask to use in harmony and target aging, dull, dry skin.


After 14 Days