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Cocoàge - Extra Shot 24K Instant Face Lift



Product Details

Apply our luxurious face lift in a non-surgical syringe any time you need to smoothen the look of wrinkles and fine lines - all without the need for a nip or tuck. Our youth-restoring formulation blends extracts that battle the appearance of aging including Seaweed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Quercus Alba Bark Extract. Our star ingredient, skin-loving Cocoa Seed Extract, helps fight the look of aging with the help of the power-house Açai Fruit Extract, which is brimming with skin benefits. You’ll look instantly amazing, so go ahead and sneak an extra peek every time you pass a mirror.

How to Use:

Skin must be completely clean and free from all types of moisturizers, make-up and any greasy residue.

  1. Dispense slightly more than a dime-sized amount into palm.
  2. Lightly tap product over areas of concern on face and neck, then smooth on a very light layer with one brisk stroke.
  3. Keep face expressionless for three minutes.
  4. After product has dried, continue make-up routine as usual.

Note: You may experience a tightening sensation in the first few moments. This is normal and a sign that the product is working.

For extra tightening and as a long-term treatment, add a dime-sized amount of Extra Shot 24K Instant Face Lift into your moisturizer for permanent results.


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